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I am a portrait and event photographer in the Greater Phoenix area.

Growing up in the Southwest, I have spent a lifetime being amazed by God's beauty. For me, photography is about seeing how the light dances around a subject, and I consider Arizona to be one of the most stunning natural backdrops for my work as a photographer.

I believe every minute of our lives has been a training ground to equip us with the abilities we need for this moment right now. As a photographer, I draw upon the unique experiences I have had in my life to bring emotion and connection to my art. My international travels have given me a love for people and an eye that finds grace in any place. My work as public school teacher has given me the patience and perseverance it takes to see a job well done. My fight with a NET lung tumor has given me the gift of seeing God's intentional touch in every minute we live. Being a wife has given me the value of personal relationships and emotional connection. Becoming a mother has taught me that the truest blessings are found when I invest a part of myself into something extremely special.

I am so grateful our paths have met. I truly enjoy the honor of archiving your treasured memories with my photographic art.


Make Your Memory Photography   by Colette

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